Independence Day is the prime U.S. holiday. Observed on the 4th of July, the day connects a whole country in national pride.

On this very day back in 1776, America‘s thirteen colonies at that time parted ways with the British Empire. As per vote by Continental Congress, they officially declared their independence. That moment made history. As a result, it paved the way to where the U.S. as a nation with fifty states is today.

US Sailing Boat

People enjoy the enchanting setting on a sail boat cruise – USA

The Patriotic Spirit Prevails on Independence Day

Families and friends come together for barbecues and bonfires. If they live by the water, many of them spend the day celebrating on a friend’s or family member’s boat. Flags are raised. Residents decorate their homes and streets in a festive manner. People attend celebratory parades and concerts dedicated to patriotic musical classics. It seems like on July Fourth, a nostalgic, patriotic spirit is in the air that can almost be touched.

Dramatic fireworks, creating goosebumps, mark the end of a very patriotic day blessing “America, America“. People are merry. They feel a strong bond with their homeland. The pride of one nation is heartwarmingly contagious. Certainly, America’s people celebrate Independence Day with pomp and circumstance.

Virgin America Jet

Shown is a Virgin America aircraft at sunset. It is about to touch down in LAX – Los Angeles, USA

Freedom for a Nation and Its People

U.S. Americans cherish and protect their precious freedom and don’t shy away from traveling far to be with loved ones on that special day. After all, we are a nation of immigrants, of explorers, of travellers. It is in our genes. The waving flags we see in public places and on front porches serve as a “moving” reminder that this country is proud of its achievements.

Freedom is the foundation of everything. Let it ring. The military plays an important role, for American soldiers are considered guardians of this country’s freedom.

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. – Elmer Davis

The Star-Spangeld Banner

Waving flag of the United States of America – USA

On Independence Day, citizens of a whole nation honor their country’s independence. Also, they celebrate their freedom as individuals. This is what this glorious nation, which they proudly call home, provides them with. The flag is the great symbol of freedom.

Above all, the freedom to choose and create their own life a certain way is a gift. So, we must understand that not everyone on this earth has been provided with it. Hence, this is why Americans guard their freedom of choice.