Venice Beach is where life and freedom go hand in hand. As Los Angeles’ cultural hub, it boasts an array of art galleries, street artists, and folks with all kinds of different backgrounds. And let’s not forget the laid back surf lifestyle, which people live to the fullest here in what is arguably southern California’s most famous of beach areas.

If you are into people watching, this is your place. But do not judge, as individuals master the art of expressing themselves thoroughly. Maybe some things do look funny to you? Maybe. But you can’t deny the fact that most of them are great street performers and truly living a truly free life. And that’s what they are to be envied for. It’s what Venice Beach is about in every respect – two things: freedom and a whole lot of fun.

Expression of Individual Freedom

Manly Self-Expression

A man freely self-expressing himself is walking confidently along the boardwalk – Venice Beach, CA, USA

Grab yourself a cup of iced coffee or lavender lemonade – the new refreshing trend – and take yourself for a walk along the boardwalk. Go early in the morning when Venice Beach is about to wake up. You’ll see the surfers out trying to catch the perfect wave before they have to hit their desk later in the day. That’s how things are here: Those who are not thoroughly into a creative lifestyle are still living freely to a certain extent by doing what is a true balance for them. And what could be better than being one with the ocean?

As Venice wakes up and the street artists set up for the day, be prepared to come across personalities like this man in the photo. What might his lifestyle be, you wonder? Surely, he is just out to get a workout in. He’s expressing himself here – no doubt about that. Because he can. You’ll see a lot of eccentric characters. And those make this place what it is. Diverse. Colorful. Fun. Edgy. Quirky.

Venice, California is known as one of the most unique, exciting and stubborn communities in the Los Angeles area. – Prof. Arnold Springer

The wonderfully refreshing thing about Venice Beach is the spirit of freedom. It’s the freedom to be who you really feel like being. And people accept it. If there’s one place where total individual freedom that’s thoroughly lived out is tolerated, it’s here on the boardwalk of Venice. Now you just have to think about who you truly are – or want to be.

Diversity on Every Corner

Venice Suites

The edgy facade of the charming Venice Suites – Venice Beach, CA, USA

It is not just the diversity of people that make up Venice; it’s also its different accommodation opportunities. Just as colorful and hip as southern California’s most famous beach is Venice Suites. These modern surf-style apartments are great if you want to be close to the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk, yet have your own laid-back place to process all the – sometimes overwhelming – impressions from the vibrant life outside.

Check in. Relax in your light, airy apartment that’s as “light” as people take life here. Enjoy the views on the beach and boardwalk as they both come alive as the sun is sneaking up higher in the sky. A day filled with creativity and a lot of inspiration is ahead. Dive in. 

What’s your life philosophy today?

A Personal Interpretation of Fun

Dribble Marley

Man showing off dribble tricks with a soccer ball – Venice Beach, CA, USA

Here in Venice Beach, you find those people who simply enjoy their lives. They make it fun and live according to their own terms, regardless of what visitors might be thinking. It’s their hub for complete self-expression – and that is, unmistakably, fun. From wanna-be soccer stars, to the creative artists, the “green” doctors, and street vendors, everyone is finding a way to be free. And while doing so, they have fun. Tons of it. At least that is the impression you’re being left with. After all, what is life without the fun factor?

Everyone has their personal interpretation of what fun is to them. Since it’s such a diverse place of self-expression, people at Venice Beach love the fact that freedom and fun can ultimately be combined here. Without any judgement, just a free heart, open mind, and a life that’s lived lightly, Venice’s boardwalk “residents” literally “dribble” along the street, showing off their individual tricks and drawing in the visitor.

Get some ice-cream. Buy a churro. Stroll through the crowds until the sun sets and Venice seems to slow down a little. It’s a beautiful place. You never know what colors it will show tomorrow. But one thing is for sure: It will always be a place for individualism, personal freedom, and a ton of fun.