California truly earns, and deserves, the appellation “Golden State.” We’ve all heard the stories of the “last frontier,” and the journey west in search of gold and riches.  This might be history now, but even today California, especially southern California, will always be golden. Night after night, from San Diego to Los Angeles, Venice to Malibu, Ventura to Santa Barbara, all along the coast, the miraculous sunsets leave us in awe.   

The Circle of Time

As the setting sun is slowly tinting the SoCal coastline with golden-yellow light, people stop and breathe for a second. The time seems to be ticking a little slower than before. It allows for a moment of reflection, a deeper connection with our inner selves – just like the sun is finding its reflection in the ocean. You might hear carefree laughter from afar, as if the weight of the day is dropping off people’s shoulders. The day is coming to a close but with a setting sun and the end of a chapter, there are new opportunities dawning.

Venice Sign

A warm sunset mood in vibrant Venice Beach at the intersection of Pacific Ave and Windward Ave – California

It’s the circle of time. The natural process of the world turning is presenting us with new opportunities each and every single day. Come dusk, come dawn. And as the fireball on the horizon is turning the sky into a beautiful canvas of warm colors, our hearts are warming. This ultimately leads to a moment of appreciation for life and its many opportunities we have the capability to choose from.

Right between Santa Monica and Venice is the charming and iconic Shutters on the Beach that invites restless travelers to relax, recharge, and let the mind wander.

Venice – Where Creativity Thrives

We zoom in to the oh-so different and laid-back Venice Beach. It is often referred to as the creative culture hub of Los Angeles. The entire town is pervaded by a young, fresh, and inspiring atmosphere, with free spirits spending their days on the boardwalk or beach. Enjoying life and creating for a living are two things that inevitably go hand in hand in this colorful, vibrant place.

[Venice] [is] one of the last remaining strongholds of individualism in Southern California. – John Austin

Here, people create to live, but they also seem to be living to create. Many of them follow the creative path they are truly passionate about. Their lives, hence, are creation. One way or another. If you are looking for conservative and conventional, you are urged to close your eyes and turn around.

Lifeguard Bungalow

Sunset at Venice Beach – California, USA

Here, it’s all about the unconventional, the creative, the different and free-spirited – and each and everyone defines that for themselves while receiving total acceptance by their fellow artists. Venice is a hub for street art and creativity, full of live music entertainment, museums and pop-up galleries. The wanderer searching for inspiration and new ideas is welcomed with open arms into LA’s creative hub.

When Time Slows Down for Our True Selves

The surf crowd has quit by now and left the calm ocean. Sunset might just be the only time during the day when life slows down at Venice Beach. The hustle and bustle of the day has vanished. Street artists have packed up. Visitors and locals alike have left the boardwalk to call it a day. Some of them have moved closer to the water on the manicured white beach.

Beach Volleyball

People enjoying the beautiful sunset in Venice Beach while playing volleyball – California, USA

Here in Venice, we are invited to be our true selves. As we sit and watch the sunset, we have time to reflect upon our purest selves and who we really are. What are our lives truly about? Deep down inside, what is the path we truly want to walk for ourselves? Why have we not yet taken a chance on it? What is holding us back?

Venice Beach serves as a wonderfully refreshing reminder that we can be and do anything if we are honest with ourselves and do not shy away from a little bit of effort. A sunset is always followed by dawn – the dawn of the next chapter for ourselves to write.