Grace, loyalty, and freedom are only three of the main characteristics that we associate with horses. Introduced to the human domestic sphere around 4000 BC, these sensitive yet powerful animals have been showing their loyalty throughout numerous eras of history.

“Wild and free like a horse” is an image many of us might have in mind when thinking of those four-legged friends. With their power comes the natural grace in their movements. Until the engine was invented, horses played an essential role for transportation. They are held in high regard in many cultures and are, for instance, the symbol of a pure spirit, free soul, and the desire for liberty. They are warm-hearted teachers that reflect the goodness of being. Looking at horses, they are the mirror of fundamental life lessons.

Following an Appetite for Life

Horses can evoke this strong feeling of freedom and independence within us. More so, they make us hungry for life. Imagining sitting in the saddle and taking control of the course of our life is something really empowering. Running free, galloping over vast land, is an image of raw beauty. Our hearts jump with joy and a thirst for more. What’s more beautiful than a pure, liberated soul? The epitome of just that – a horse.

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom – Sharon Ralls Lemon

As natural forces – or forces of nature – horses are born with a strong, individual personality that comes with an appetite for life. These mammals are mastering jumping the hurdles of life in a seemingly effortless way.

Graceful Horses I
A moment of silence and grace; horses are a reminder to embrace the moment and simply be in it, to fully “see” – Kuranda, Australia

They remind us that we should trust our intuition more. We need to let ourselves be guided by our emotions and desires to move forward at a gallop, freely, with the wind in our manes, speeding towards independence.

Embodying the Value of Time in Its Beauty

Time is valuable, but patience pays off, eventually. It’s exactly one of those things horses are teaching us: the value of hard work and dedication. If we invest in the process, show strong perseverance and get back up on our feet after we have fallen, we will succeed. It takes time, though.

A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful […] – Pam Brown

Let us keep our heads held up high and go after what makes us thrive in life. As we pursue our goals, proudly, with a certain grace, horses make us remember to never look back but keep our gaze focused on the prize.

Graceful Horses II
Mirrors of our emotions; horses teach us to practice self-awareness and embrace authenticity – Christchurch, New Zealand

Horses have seventeen facial expressions that are sometimes hard to distinguish. Hence, we can only see them all if we practice awareness. What can this teach us? Quite simply, we need to fully be in the present moment, slow down, and look under the surface. It’s a powerful reminder to not always do but really be in our full existence.

Mirrors of Emotions, Leaders of Example

However we feel, chances are horses pick up on this emotion. Call it a sixth sense, but those sensitive animals are mirrors of our feelings. Hence, what lesson can we take away from this? Be authentic. Horses are great teachers of self-awareness. They encourage us to reflect upon our own behavior and not change our personalities but actually practice who we truly are.

I call horses “divine mirrors” – they reflect back the emotions you put in. If you put in […] kindness and curiosity, the horse will return that – Allan Hamilton

Moreover, we receive what we give. Reaction follows action, and so we should be responsible with those actions and related feelings we pour out. In this process, we tend to forget how important body language is. But, looking at horses, it makes up the biggest portion of our communication. And this is also crucial when it comes to leading by true example. Because in order to be a good leader, respect, trust, partnership and a transparent line of communication are fundamental.

Is your authentic self sitting tall in the saddle?