Dreams and wishes give us purpose in life. They allow us to envision the “what could be” and, hence, are the fundament that we live on. One way or another, we are all dreamers. We see the ideal world – for ourselves or for humanity at large, it does not matter. What matters is that dreams and wishes usually entail something positive. And this, in return, means that they can be the encouragement we need to be better people. 

We dream of a world in which cultures coexist without hatred, in peace and harmony. And we all desire a planet that is healthy and thriving even for generations to follow. So we need to take action. Of course, those are majorly ideal visions humanity at large has, but the actions we, as individuals, take towards achieving these goals – little by little – are triggered by this grand vision of how things “should ideally be”. And this carries on to the microsphere, so to each of us. We all have our (secret) wishes and dreams that are the basis of our lives, that we hang on to because they fuel us, each day to the new, give us the energy to keep going. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Dreaming – oh, it makes our world so much more beautiful. It allows us to ponder, to let our imagination run wild, to simply envision the best of the best. Just how wonderful is this? And because of exactly that, we all need to be dreamers. It makes the world a brighter place, spreads hope and faith in “all that could be”.

Hone Your Deepest

Goals can be simple; they can also be complex. They are different for each of us based on our circumstances. Just as unique as people are our dreams and wishes. Highly personal, they are the frame to our life image. How we treat them is vital, though. Do we ignore them and simply say that there is no way they turn into reality, anyway? Push them aside and make excuses to ourselves by labeling them “wishful thinking”? If we do, we neglect our deepest, innermost voice. We could go as far as saying that we are losing ourselves in a world that is undermining our ability to go for what we truly believe in. 

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt

So, what if we turned it around and completely acknowledged our inner voice that is pushing us into a certain direction – the direction of personal fulfillment? How lovely it would be to live in a world where all dreams would be honed and we wouldn’t operate in just the pattern that is called norm; the “should do’s” and “have to do’s”. Just how motivating and encouraging it would be.

It will be the dreamers and the doers that will make it far. Those who do listen to themselves, who do go the extra mile despite the “that will never be real life” criticism. But what is that – real life? There is no such thing, as it all depends on perspective. In fact, those dreams are goals, which can only be achieved with real dedication and, hence, actions. So, go on, go dream a little bigger, darling. 

The Wishful Longing

Dreams and wishes are the lights in our life that give us direction and purpose – Berlin, Germany

While dreams are ultimate goals that can be broken down into smaller milestones, a wish is more of a feeling. It’s that internal longing for something or someone; an emotion running deep; the desire for something to happen. But wishes are not necessarily tangible goals, let alone something that could possibly happen with some action on your end. A wish oftentimes can only turn into reality with fate, with the right timing, and with sheer luck. 

Destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way, in order to give us something beyond our wishes – Johann W. von Goethe

But because of that, wishes are the fundament for hope – hope that they might become true. It’s a longing, with every ounce of your body. Hence, sometimes they can be painful, as we know they cannot manifest. Yet, the desire remains. Therefore, wishes are mostly passive, as their turning into reality is not on us, but on the universe, a higher power. Have trust. 

Our dreams and wishes are ultimately based on our own personal values and ideals of the world. They form through our underlying passions and what “feels right” in our souls; what lets our hearts beat faster. Believe in your dreams – and let them be your guide. 

The Dream Work

“Dreams don’t work unless you do” is a common saying. Our dreams are the drive that get us out of bed in the morning; the silver lining we hold on to when things get rough. They are our ultimate, higher goal, the ideal we strive to achieve. But, they can be intimidating if we try to take this one seemingly impossible step towards achieving them. Because it is true: Dreams only stay dreams if we don’t realize that we have to be patient and take little steps that add up. 

Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead – Nelson Mandela

We need to put in the work. We need to understand that the littlest of milestones are a win, if only we keep our dreams at the core of all that we are doing. Patience and perseverance are what we need. Because only then do dreams “work” – and become reality eventually. 

Never let them out of sight. They add spice to your life and give you a clear direction. Without them, where would you go? What would you strive for? More so: Would you miss your actual life purpose?

Put in the dream work; make your life about it. The secret to a beautifully colorful life is that you can dream as much as you would like to. And then chase those visions – full force. Just imagine: You could be the light and inspiration in someone else’s life as you make your vision your own, dedicate every action to it, and eventually reach the top of the hill. There’s power in dreams, for you yourself are the powerful engine necessary to make your ultimate goals attainable. Dream work – the work for your dreams. 

What is your ultimate goal? Which dream are you chasing? What’s your secret for achieving them?