Is life a form of art? Or does it encompass many different craft styles melted together as the art of living? Fact is, the term art is referring to a specific skill, and living relates to the way we do life.   

There is not just one recipe that makes up life as art. We each have our very own ideas about how we want to live and as long as we pursue this route, we are on a good way – literally. Because it fulfills our hearts and souls. And this is, in essence, the underlying foundation of a life lived artfully.

[…] all other activities become art. In this case, we are reflecting upon life itself as an artistic statement – the art of living – H.E. Davey

In addition, mindset is what makes or breaks our project life as art. In combination with external influences, we are being given certain circumstances, as well as tools to become the artist creating our own life – and living it.

Artists of Our Lives

Life should ideally be an expression of who we truly are. It encompasses the goals, beliefs, visions, dreams, desires, hopes and reflects our true personality in everything we do and create. The art of living entails creative approaches to living our best, most fulfilled life. We see the beauty, recognize the little things, and embrace the journey we’re designing for ourselves.

Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

While we are living life, it has its own rhythm, and there is literature to fuel our knowledge, as well as architecture for our visual delight. Apart from that, sub-forms of art are omnipresent. When we zoom out, life resembles a colorful painting. It’s the combination of smaller elements that lets life shine in an artistic light – and we are its creative creators.

Art of Living
The Art of Living – a combination of many art forms that fuel our lives in which we are the artists – Cinque Terre, Italy

We look and see the whole masterpiece. Living art! It reminds of a mosaic, for when we zoom in, we see each one of us represents a piece of the whole, working on our individual masterstrokes – and those are a constant creative work in progress. Each of us, in their own light, is contributing to the brightness of the artwork of all life.

One Grand Piece of Art

The mindset is essential for the art of living. Let’s live lightly so that we can savour life, taste the sweetness of it, and see the colors that are surrounding us. We need to say what we feel and think, for expressing our thoughts is another important step towards the complete life work of art.

Living purposefully and keeping both our own visions, as well as the collective in mind, we are on the path towards our own, fully functioning artwork. If we actively seize the moment, we can not just see but feel the wonderfully different yet reviving approaches towards life each of us is taking that melt together so beautifully.

Breathe. Smell the roses. Inhale the refreshing breeze coming from the ocean. Zoom out and get a bird‘s-eye view on your own life: It can be as beautiful as this.

Life as It Happens

We need to remind ourselves to take life with a grain of salt, to take it as it comes, because there are influences we cannot control. The art of living – it also refers to seeing the light of life in everything surrounding us and realizing that life is what we make it. How we react is what defines our outlook. Let go what doesn’t serve you as it only creates an obstacle in your creative process of working on the masterpiece that is your life.

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on – Henry Ellis

Isn’t life a wonderful thing? Looking at the image, the scene seems frozen in a lovely bubble of time. Life gives us the tools and we can use them to shape it, artistically. Be open, appreciative, accept and respect “the other“. Turn obstacles into opportunities to go after the life you are envisioning. Understand that every step is meaningful and contributes to greater knowledge.

If we have acquired the skills and mindset mentioned, we are truly mastering the art of living.

Be reminded to embrace “The Art of Living”, looking on the wonderfully bright and colorful side of life of which you are the artists, and bring this carefully selected portfolio image, available in my World Collection, into your home. For questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.