Welcome to Taipei. Taiwan’s capital city is a place full of vitality. However, it is probably not the first destination that comes to mind when you seek an extensive art scene and some wonderful architectural highlights. But reconsider now, as Taipei offers a lot to those creative, artsy souls traveling in search for vibrant art and impressive architectural constructions

As a matter of fact, though, actual Taiwanese architecture has really only existed since 1945, when the Japanese ended their colonial rule. Before, only citizens of Japan were allowed to design buildings. And it is their representation of a Western architecture we still find in abundance today. Especially the government buildings are an interpretation of Western designs. The constructions are still in use today, but new designs are emerging.  

Let yourself be guided by a westernized architectural approach that combines an Eastern mentality and culture. You will be surprised just how modern this little island state off the coast of China is. And isn’t traveling for the pleasant surprise exactly why we embark on the journey?

Taiwan’s Art and Culture Hub

With many galleries and also a great deal of street art, Taipei offers an array of different artistic tastes. In addition, it has been a hub for high-tech manufacturers and is incredibly modern. As you stroll the streets, taking in the quirky, lively atmosphere, you find many independent little galleries. Stop for a cup of tea at an intimate café featuring handmade local crafts and stocked with photography, developed in the dark room right in the basement. As you continue wandering, you’ll also find very modern, “living art” – for instance at the W Taipei with smart installations that react to motion. 

Art, architecture, and the preferred way of living merge. Hence, there are a number of noteworthy architectural highlights in Taiwan’s capital. Those include Taipei 101, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Beitou Library, Taipei Fine Art Museum, the National Theater and National Concert Hall, as well as the Performing Arts Center. 

Energy Rises
Rising Energy – as the sun emerges, it highlights the powerful complexity of the urban body – Taipei, Taiwan

Reaching High

Being the tallest building in Taiwan and ranking 9th in international comparison, Taipei 101 is an architectural highlight that stands tall. Completed by C. Y. Lee & Partners Architects, it is a landmark that draws in visitors and residents alike. Come for the view, leave in “awe”.

In the big picture, architecture is the art and science of making sure that our cities and buildings fit with the way we want to live our lives – Bjarke Ingels

C. Y. Lee was the one to raise awareness of Taiwan’s emerging architectural significance in the world. Mixing Buddhist and Chinese symbols with a contemporary design approach, this architect has received great recognition in his field. Taipei 101 – an office building with breathtaking vistas – was, undoubtedly, a breakthrough in the architectural world. It’s a wonderful example of the coming together of artistic, creative elements and architectural thinking. 

Make your way up the skyscraper – Taipei 101 – and stand still, marveling at the bird’s-eye view from the very top. There’s something thrilling about an aerial view, about being so high up you can overlook a living, breathing city. From up here, everything seems calm, however; almost thoroughly peaceful. But you know that down below, there’s buzzing life happening. Once again, this reminds us that perspective makes all the difference and is such a powerful tool. 

Seeing the city so small, it’s easy to be overcome by a feeling of awe as it relates to the creation of such a complex, interwoven urban space. Human hands created this place. And as you stand there, you’re part of this great complex of our modern era. In fact, you’re standing right on an impressive and integral piece of this cityscape: Taipei 101. It’s a representation of the city and the big strides it takes, using its potential in the world. 

The Energy Rises

Behind the clouds, cracking open, the sun is emerging on the horizon. The city seems asleep, a peaceful atmosphere is hovering over this urban landscape. Yet, the energy is rising with each additional sunray beaming through, softly, yet powerfully, awakening the city. It’s almost a spiritual aura that is lingering. Charging. Becoming more energetic with the rising sun.  

This is it. A new age is dawning. The glowing fireball is creating an electric atmosphere that is not only drawing in the beholder, but will, soon, take this city’s residents by their hands, pull them forward. Progress. It is here and it is now that this huge, awakening urban complex is being fueled with growth and potential. It rises up, steadily. Controlled. Soon, it will break through the haziness of the hazy atmosphere and the clouds. This is when the sun will shine in full glory; shine at its brightest.

The urban body will be alive as the light highlights the complexity of this civic landscape that, in its entirety, has a bright future ahead. One step closer – with each dawn, fueled by the electric, continuously rising vitality. Radiating confidence. 


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