Shanghai – the largest Chinese city and probably one of the most metropolitan places in the world. Modern skyscrapers, contemporary architectural highlights, the stunning Expo Center, worldclass hotels, and about three hundred Fortune 500 companies with international corporations are what characterize this mega city. It’s a well-known, global place for financial business activities. 

There is something in Shanghai that is […] alive – the idea of a city with two different souls, one from today and another from a long time ago, is amazing – Alessandro Michele

With a history dating back centuries, the spirit of tradition merges with modern landmarks and a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Buzzing. Thriving. A taste of modern China in the world.

River of Life 

Referred to as the “Mother River”, the Huangpu River is one of Shanghai’s main landmarks. It divides the metropolis into Pudong and Puxi and serves various purposes: drinking water supply, fishing, tourism, transport and more. 

Standing in eye-opening contrast to one another, the eastern area around the river features contemporary architecture and is home to the Finance and Trade Zone. It’s the ultra-modern face that Shanghai shows off. Looking over to the western side, a classic, traditional architectural style characterizes this part of the city. It’s the remainder of centuries of history this city is built on. This is where The Bund – the manicured waterfront, also known as “Waitan” – is situated. 

Taking architecture to a whole new level, the two bridges – Yangpu and Nantou Bridges – embrace the Oriental Pearl Tower. From an aerial view, it appears as if two dragons play with that pearl. They are the connectors of tradition and modernity. 

Come to witness a natural spectacle during flood season: the tri-color water. This happens as a result of the grey water of the Huangpu River, the yellow (due to sand) water of the Yangtze River, and green waters of the East Sea flowing together. 

Shanghai Moment(um)

There is something about Shanghai, a city that not only never sleeps but, more so, always moves – just like the river never stops flowing. Shanghai is alive no matter the time of day and it is incredibly inspiring. Different lights highlight diverse parts of the city, bring new details to the surface that shift your perception of this place and the world in a rapid pace. Here, the creative mind finds a thick, nourishing ground where it can dwell in inspiration

Shanghai Monument
Shanghai Momentum – seemingly frozen in time, the vibrant lights accentuate this city’s thriving spirit – Shanghai, China

Welcome to a world you might not have experienced before. One that draws you in and requires every inch of you – so follow along and dive in open-heartedly, open-mindedly.

Shanghai was a waking dream where everything I could imagine had already been taken to its extreme – J. G. Ballard

Even when frozen in a moment of time, visually, the momentum of Shanghai is tangible. As vibrant and eye-catching as the skyline with its many shapes and forms is the life that happens down on the streets and the river. A thriving spirit weaves its way through this urban body, creating that electric aura

Fine Urban Vistas

Imagine having a chilled drink in your hand after a wonderfully rejuvenating, personalized spa treatment and a refreshing dip in the pool from which the city seems to be at your fingertips; floating above Shanghai. It’s real. Now you’re standing on the rooftop of the Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai’s Pudong, which, in fact, is located in a 58-storey building in the midst of the International Finance Center (IFC). The vitality of the city life is tangible from here, as you look down, after sunset, and glance at the dancing lights of this miraculous city. From here, you can see the Oriental Pearl Tower, the third largest television tower in Asia. Pause for a moment and take it all in; a peaceful minute in the midst of a flourishing city. 

And Shanghai is amazing. […] when you’re there in the night with all the lights and all this modernity, it’s like a set in a movie – Berenice Marlohe

Having experienced The Ritz-Carlton myself, I can frankly say that its luxurious appearance offers a wonderful hideaway spot. It’s a place to relax in style – after a busy day out in the city. It’s exquisite, it’s art-deco, it’s contemporary elegance that I personally found very inviting. 

For the Taste Buds and the Service 

Having an excellent location in the financial district, this hotel got me with the vistas it offers – whether it be the rooms, the bar, or restaurants. And who doesn’t like a good bird’s-eye view of the city?

Dining is a great experience. The Flair Rooftop Restaurant & Bar with its Asian tapas-style dishes and almost 360 degree views of Shanghai was my favorite. The Aura Lounge and Jazz Bar was ideal for me when it came to creative brainstorming over a cup of tea or coffee. I got my inspiration going with lovely jazz music playing in the background. A very relaxed, elegant place. There are also two other places with delicious items on the menu: Jin Xuan Chinese and Scena Italian Restaurant. Of course you’ll come for the food, but the view is included. 

I have never experienced such willingness to help how I did in Asia at large. And Shanghai, in particular, is no exception. Talk about impeccable service: the Ritz-Carlton definitely did not disappoint in any way, I can honestly say that. And one person in particular, her name is Claire, made all the difference. Her service in the lounge and even after business hours was outstanding. Shanghai is not just a “seen it, done it” kind of destination. It’s worth coming back to explore and experience a little more of what this metropolis has to offer. And it will surprise its visitors each time. I’m totally sure you’ll agree. 


Bring Shanghai’s captivating momentum into your own four walls and move with the city lights. “Shanghai Momentum” is available in my World Collection , to be found at .