Our world is as interconnected as never before. Even though we live in different time zones, the sun is shining in one part, while night has fallen in the other, and although we are thousands of miles apart, as humans we have never been closer. And its all thanks to the global network. We have managed to develop an impressive communication network – making up one enormous interwoven net – across the earth. It helps not only businesses to flourish.

It allows us to share information, stay in touch with families and friends, even meet people in the virtual world. This, ultimately, breaks down any boundaries there ever have been. This network also allows for better collaboration across borders, and, last but not least, a global economy that runs on exactly this crucial network.

Interconnectedness Through Networks

This specific shot of the Brooklyn Bridge is a powerful symbol of interconnectedness in our modern world. Bridges – as in “bridging” two parts – are not only wonderful metaphors but also functional creations that allow us to see and experience the connectedness of our world, specifically in the business sphere. The image also shows that the ropes, which can be seen as the small, yet powerful elements in our many societies, representing the individuals and companies, are forming the strong foundation of a national – and ultimately global – network. They give stability and are the web that works seamlessly together as a whole.

Furthermore, the bridge represents the “crossing over”, as in overcoming communication boundaries. With it comes greater freedom, individual independence, as well as easier access to not just the world geographically, but to a wealth of new information. Businesses have markets opening up to them like never before, and expanding to another part of the world has become a breeze. Information input in this world of networks can be downright overwhelming at times.

The electric age […] established a global network that has much the character of our central nervous system. – Marshall McLuhan

Innovation and Connection

The integration of information and communication technologies has enabled us, on a personal and professional level, to make more informed decisions. This is due to the fact that we have the means to exchange views and opinions with different people through various platforms. With our technological network, we as a people from different backgrounds are more intertwined than ever before in history. Innovation feels as if it’s developing exponentially. Our global knowledge, with the help of the means presented to us, has increased rapidly and so has the ability to innovate and develop even quicker. The various telecommunication means and access to the world wide web allow us to overcome borders effortlessly.

A Web of Logistics and Cooperation

The network of logistics in our societies is impressive. Large companies such as UPS and FedEx have managed to build a smart system. This allows them to deliver mail effectively, no matter where in the world. It’s incredible when you think about it. The thought that goes into building such a large, interwoven conglomerate of postal and logistics services is sheer genius.

It is almost mind-boggling to think about how they make it work. Even more so, how it has come to be such a powerful business network. Thanks to digitalization and many technological advancements, these companies make it possible to send your loved ones a personal note within a day or two – shipped from one end of the world to the next – or send a product to that very important client in no time.

In this age of growing interconnectedness, we understand that turning our backs on the world is simply not an option. – Douglas Alexander

One way or another, we are all already part of the global network. It enables not just us personally but also on a professional level to collaborate more effectively. Governments can tackle global issues without always having to travel to one part of the world. Thanks to the technological means available to them. Issues concerning our planet can be solved – or at least communicated – more efficiently. As for the private sector, businesses have a wider market reach. And as individuals, we are offered an array of resources.

The global network is ever-expanding.