“If you don’t make it, you’re nothing” – so is many people’s opinion, especially in big cities, which are thriving hubs for businesses. But “making it”, what does that entail? This is where success comes into play. Nowadays, our success rate, especially in the business world, is what defines our own worth. But what’s behind success? Is it just the money aspect?

Success – What’s Behind It

Big cities are business hubs. Here, life is buzzing and business happening around the clock – New York, NY, USA

Success has many faces and comes in various forms. But when we hear someone ask: “Are you successful?”, we initially tend to associate it with career achievements and other accomplishments in the big business world. Whether we are striving to climb the career ladder as an employee in a large enterprise or are running our own company, success is measured in numbers. And, going further, those numbers signify money. The more there is, the greater the achievement. For the employee, this usually means a good position that comes with a decent amount of reputation and responsibility in his or her field. For the business owner, big numbers determine growth for his company, ultimately measuring its success, and greater establishment in the market.

Big, buzzing cities are business hubs. There’s a constant flow. People on their phones, lunch meetings to talk about the latest industry trends and numbers. It’s about financials and to get those right, you constantly have to be on top of things.

The Road to Success

Early rising, long hours, sleepless nights in-between; these come with success in business all too often. Fame in the business world, however, cannot be achieved overnight. There are so many factors that are pillars for success in the world market, something many of us are naturally striving for. It takes time.

Usually, the way to the top of the business ladder comes with obstacles. Some we might not perceive as difficult to overcome, but others really test our willpower to “make it”. Those who expect success to greet them in the mornings right after they wake up have, frankly, unrealistic expectations.

For success, attitude is equally important as ability – Walter Scott

We need to start from the bottom and work our way up to really appreciate our very own accomplishments in the world of business. And sometimes, we take a step forward and then have to take two back because the oftentimes harsh career world throws a curveball at us. But with a positive mindset, the ability to be ourselves, and showing dedication for what we want, we will eventually make a massive stride forward. Being successful comes with trials and errors – always and constantly. Success is a walkway.

Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something – Morihei Ueshiba

Success, Value, and Impact

A material symbol of success: a private jet under the California sun – Los Angeles, CA, USA

Unfortunately, many who have “made it” in the business world lose a humble mindset when it comes to their lifestyle. The value of material things – cars, private jets, mansions, etc. – takes over; the thought that money can buy happiness is anchored in those minds; they live in a bubble only very few, selected people get to experience; relationships with people are measured in their connections to other influential folks. Even though we cannot generalize here, those people do indeed exist. Chances are, we know at least one of them.

But ask yourself truthfully: Is this really what success should look like? Is this what it should do to people? It doesn’t have to be that way. Stay true to yourself and reflect upon what positive impact on the world you can have if you use your success smartly and not in an egotistical way. Turn your gaze towards the world and make a difference, using your accomplishments to do so.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value – Albert Einstein

Money will never be able to buy true happiness. And can one be truly happy living in a rather isolated bubble looking down on the “ordinary” world below? Success can have a glowing face when we understand that it is not just about us, but about what we can do with it. In the business world, being successful also means being influential. One should strive to be valued for one’s actions. It will always mean more than material things. So, be encouraged to re-think “success”.

Apart from success in the world of business, what does the term mean for you personally?