We live in a world that is built on diversity. Due to new innovations in technology and modes of transportation, however, different cultures come closer together – closer than ever before in history. Geographical boundaries can be overcome easier and so can time differences due to advanced means of communication. We get in touch with people from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, and specifically those of other ethnicities. All too often, however, we tend to forget what a beautiful thing diversity is. But only with its existence can our world thrive in every respect.

The Art of Diversity

Diversity I
Powerful, colorful street art triggering inspiration – Miami Beach, FL, USA

We are surrounded by diversity on a daily basis. It is part of our human evolution. Hence, we see it in every aspect of life. Whether it be on the job, the many different food options we’re presented with, culture, and, of course, in art – the multi-faceted is everywhere.

When we look at street art in particular, do we speak of the art of diversity or diversity of art? It most likely doesn’t matter how we describe it, as the fact of the matter is: it is diverse in the sense of different colors, textures, and approaches used. It comes with different shapes, forms, tools, and thoughts behind. On the other hand, since street art exists all over the world, it has been created by people from different cultural heritages. Therefore, it is both.

Beautifully Unique

When walking the streets of big cities, we most likely stumble upon colorful, expressionistic artworks. They trigger our inspiration; they bring across a message but also leave room for interpretation. Diversity in art – or the art of diversity – opens our eyes; gets our creative juices flowing. We connect with the unique artist by engaging with the piece of art. It helps us see the colors of this world, literally.

In diversity there is beauty and there is strength – Maya Angelou

Despite art, true innovation can only be possible nowadays if people from different backgrounds work together in their various approaches and ways of thinking. They build, they create, they connect. They are strong together, not just in their human existence but in what they can achieve – in an ideal world.

Individual Diversity

Diversity II
Black and white – street art goes deeper than its colors – in Los Angeles, CA, USA

How bland would a world that was only black and white be? We wouldn’t be able to thoroughly sip from the cup of life. In fact, we would not know what we’re truly missing if we didn’t see the diverse colors of our existence. Each of us is living in their thoroughly unique, individual way. No two people are the same, no matter if they might be born on the same day at the exact same time or even look similar. Even twins are different in their personalities. Isn’t it such a beautiful thing to think about how we are each wonderfully diverse? We are individuals – and that’s why we can all draw inspiration and sometimes even enlightenment from one another. We are humans and have a natural, intrinsic desire to evolve. How would that be possible without diversity that we can draw inspiration and knowledge, hence, different perspectives, from?

Embrace Diversity and See the World

Diversity III
Abstract street art as a piece of inspiration for anybody – Los Angeles, CA, USA

The best thing we can do to truly appreciate all the wonderful differences this world has to offer us is to go out and see it. Actually seeing the world, not just literally through our eyes, means really understanding that it is built on diversity. Embracing this fact means that you’re really understanding this earth you live on. When embarking on the journey, things won’t be familiar to us, but that is exactly the moment that requires us to keep an open, curious heart.

Break stereotypical thinking and be encouraged to open your mind towards people from other backgrounds. Everyone is different; we can learn from one another, which is enriching and valuable for our own development. Who do we want to be? What is our place in this world? How do we see it? Going places allows us to grow and appreciate the diversity the earth is built on.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts – Mark Twain

Moreover, traveling allows us to expand our horizons and not just see diversity, but actually realize just how necessary it is. Now, go out and drink from the cup of diversity. You’ll see that doors to other worlds will open and you will, in fact, see yourself in a different light as you are impacted by the beauty of various ways of perceiving the world.