Life is a series of events. Those moments – whatever feelings we might associate with them – happen as we are walking on that winding path of our existence. Some events we plan. Others we simply run into and, all of a sudden, find ourselves facing a situation that can shape our lives dramatically. On a positive note, many of those, whether we have been consciously living towards them or they take us by surprise, are joyous ones. Moments that we will forever remember; those memories that will always put a smile on our faces. They are those big personal times that define and direct our lives a certain way.

Monumental Events Shaping Our Lives

Dress Rehearsal – the walk towards a moment that will forever change her life – Ko Samui, Thailand

But, what are big moments? How do we define them? Unquestionably, we each have our very own definitions of what a monumental life event is. It not only depends on our mindset, but also on how we view the world we live in at large. Is a big moment a very personal one? Or maybe it’s an event that involves the good of many people – and our selfless being is regarding this as one life changing incident, because we associate something with this positive “public” happening that leaves a real impact on our very own lives.

Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act – Paulo Coelho

Whatever our definition of big moments, as we, visualized above, walk towards them, they do exist in various forms. We all experience superlative times in life. However, there are a few events that the majority of us consider “monumental”. They are those generic occasions that signify a turning point, rather than just a milestone. And they can be moments we actively plan to experience at some point. The day we move(d) out of our parents’ house for the first time; a proposal; when we say “I Do” and commit to a life together; the birth of a child – are only examples.

Those moments define our life path. More so, they shape the direction we’re heading in, the walk of life we will continue walking the second this particular event happens.

Those extraordinary big moments happen because we planned them and “want” them to be just that: big moments. Yet, they turn out to be an individual experience for each and every one of us as they eventually occur.

Big occasions sometimes also take us by surprise: a promotion, a visit from an old friend, and so many more. Situations as they happen evoke strong feelings, for they can make us feel special, realize something, or change our outlook on how we live and perceive the world.

Those Big Little Occasions

Whispering Palms
Whispering Palms – they remind us that the littlest of moments can be big ones – Ko Samui, Thailand

And then, there are those seemingly insignificant moments. All too often, however, they make us realize just how big they can be. Yet, we oftentimes treat them as unimportant. We live through those situations we should embrace more, but, instead, are not actively aware of just how special they can be.

In fact, every little moment in life is important as it is an essential piece of the puzzle. In the larger picture, it might be a bigger moment than we initially think. Because, if we look back on it, then we can trace and see our personal growth and development. “I have made it this far” is what many of us say at some point in our lives when we reflect upon where we stand and where we are coming from.

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us – Ashley Montagu

Many times don’t always seem monumental, but involve people and places, as well as personal feel-good experiences. If only we appreciate them more, they can become big ones. Just as shown above: situations like sunsets, a wonderful sunrise, for instance, are opportunities to stop and reflect for a minute as the wind is rustling through the trees, whispering. Feel it.

Freeze the small occasion as often as you can. Maybe take a photo? Embrace the power of photography to re-create a situation and, hence, evoke emotions and thoughts you had in that very moment. They are precious.

What are those personal big moments for you?