Creativity is something one can mobilize. Some people easily utilize it for themselves in the most successful way possible, as opposed to those who might have it in them. Yet, they are not entirely capable of using it to their full potential. Creativity means: thinking outside of the box, disregarding a certain pattern and being able to look beyond what is surrounding us in life, or simply seeing it from an uncommon angle.

It’s the ability to step away from all the impressions you are facing each day to the new and developing a keen eye for what’s not there – and then let this inspire you to create something uniquely new. Creativity is a talent; it’s not just a skill that can easily be acquired but can, potentially, be developed by different influencing factors. It’s how your mind naturally works. And a creative mind is crucial when it comes to designing – fashion.

Fueling the Creative Mind

This, quite logically, leaves us with the question of how renowned fashion designers are constantly creative? Further, where do they get their unique inspiration from in a world that has seemingly seen all kinds of different clothing items already?

It almost seems like a mystery. Granted, frequently delivering, creating new looks and articles of clothing that are extraordinary, that can be referred back to a certain designer’s style, and are appealing to a specific target audience must put a lot of pressure on top designers. Always being inspired; creating; presenting.

It takes a certain type of person to fully embrace the creativity flow – and not run out of creative juices, for that matter – and being able to constantly envision new looks. They must always be in their creative zone. More so: They live and breathe the creative design life. Their mind is simply working on the artistic side of things. Differently. This comes with a certain world view only other fashion creators and ultimately appreciators of art can understand.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live […] – Coco Chanel

It’s More Than Clothes

The concept of “fashion” can be taken further, as it might not only be clothes per se, but a lifestyle. In fact, we can find it in things that surround us. Just take a close look at the photo above. The stream of the street, the seemingly moving image with the flashing lights of the electronic billboards – fuel for the brain. All of that is inspiration for the creative designers’ minds. They take the ordinary, get inspired, and make something extraordinary out of it – to eventually be found on fashion racks.

The rush, both physically and psychologically – just as emphasized by the photo – represents the creative, oftentimes abstract, flow of thinking of a designer. Taking it further, the image is a visual representation of how designers’ minds work during the creative process. What might seem like a sensory overload is their ultimate creativity fuel.

A Closer Look, A Different Angle

How can you be truly unique with what you’re creating? Yet, you need to constantly be up to date? And, what does “up to date” mean anyway in an industry that is so very much creative and encourages “self-expression through fashion” as a form of art?

Closer Look

A closer look, a different angle, and a fresh perspective that allows to create something extraordinary – New York City, USA

Designers need to have keen eyes not just for truly unique clothing items. But, it needs to be clothing that people would like to wear as a form of expressing their personality through fashion. Hence, designers see the world differently through a looking glass. The have exclusive points of view. Those eventually provide them great assistance in taking the seemingly familiar pieces surrounding us and putting them together as something entirely extraordinary. It’s all about the view and the capability of seeing the world in another way – translated into fashion.

Having the courage to try something that is so uniquely different than what’s out there deserves respect. Just like the abstract angle above: They zoom in and have the ability to focus on creating new patterns for themselves out of what’s already existing.

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. – Edward de Bono

Be you, do you, create you. Look above. Zoom in. Zoom out. Oftentimes, it is only the ability to step outside of the ordinary thinking process and see the seemingly ordinary from an extraordinary perspective. This, then, will lead to a new creation. Creative fashion minds – they know how to do it. Constantly. We should be inspired by their world view, if only we try to understand their thought process the slightest bit.