Tokyo. Megacity. Buzzing. Moving. Innovating. Only a few main words that come to mind when thinking of Japan’s capital city. With one of Asia’s largest seaports, the Tokyo Bay-Yokohama area is situated along the western and northwestern shore. It’s the pulsating heart of the region that not only draws in visitors from near and far, but is the gateway to Asia and the world at large. If you haven’t experienced “urban” before – or maybe you have -, this is where the rea, modern urban spirit is alive. Watch. Wander. Wonder. Along the waterfront.

Continuous Flow

Tokyo Bay is drawing you in. The pace is all-encompassing; the vibes leave you going with the flow, becoming one with the city and being part of the ever-moving crowd. It’s a clean, very well-kept area that gives “urban” a whole different taste.

If you go to Tokyo, I think it becomes very obvious that there’s this almost seamless mixture of popular culture and Japanese traditional culture – Kazuo Ishiguro

Here, the water and land traffic is never sleeping. The Uraga Channel is the link between the Pacific Ocean and the bay. In the east and west, the Boso and Miura peninsulas are embracing Tokyo Bay (about 40 ft – 12 m – deep), with a southern opening. Furthermore, the famous Rainbow Bridge (you can find two related portfolio images in my World Collection) is connecting parts of the city as a quicker way into central Tokyo. In addition, a number of rivers are flowing into Tokyo Bay. Their water is being used for residential areas, as well as industrial purposes.

The (city) flow is omnipresent. Home to buzzing industries as well as many port facilities, much of the shore along Tokyo Bay is involved in some sort of (trade) business. Never sleeping. Connected to the world. And so the bay also contains an artificially built island, Odaiba. Its name is derived from island fortresses, six of them, that were constructed in the late 1900s as a means to protect Tokyo (formerly named “Edo”) from sea attacks.

Place to Unwind – City Style

The island of Odaiba is now a place to come for a leisurely stroll, and to enjoy views on Tokyo’s skyline and the bay. Shopping and other entertainment are available. Moreover, a little beach allows for some non-urban atmosphere, while the outdoor promenades invite visitors and locals to wander around and get a different view on parts of Japan’s most populated area.

The other five man-made islands, originally used to keep attackers away from “Edo Bay”, have been converted mainly into living space. Surrounded by life in and around the urbanized bay, these islands bring a touch of green into the picture. A number of smaller and bigger parks along the water allow for beachside feelings within the city; a place to unwind and enjoy the moment away from the hustle and bustle. Beaches with a view.

Tokyo Bay
The pulsating Tokyo Bay in the evening hours showing life in motion – Tokyo, Japan

A Welcoming Host

Tokyo, especially the bay area, has been a favorite travel destination not just for Japan enthusiasts, but everyone seeking the vivid megacity atmosphere. This country’s capital is welcoming visitors with open arms. And so it’s only understandable that there are a number of brilliant hotels located at or around the Tokyo Bay. A sweet escape from a busy day in the city.

Japan never considers time together as time wasted. Rather, it is time invested – Donald Richie

With unprecedented hospitality, reliability and a great sense – or system in place, for that matter – of organization, Japan in general is a destination that is a sheer delight. With top notch cleanliness in a megacity like Tokyo and an extremely remote crime rate, this city invites its visitors to explore with an open heart. The spirit of tradition and the modern era merge wherever you look. It’s captivating. An all-time favorite destination of mine, personally speaking.

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics are close, and so the vibrant bay area will see even more development in the next few months to come. Olympic facilities, hotels, dining and wining opportunities, as well as entertainment – the visitors’ senses in this high-pace part of urban Japan can get ready for a lot of stimulation. Just like the “flow” theme suggests: There’s no stopping in Tokyo.

Urban Vibes Meet Upscale Comfort

But sometimes, you have to sit back, kick your feet up, enjoy a hot cup of coffee or drink of your choice, while you overlook the marvelous bay area. Simply take it in. Have and be in the moment. From the InterContinental Tokyo Bay, you have one of the best views. Come, stay a while. Take it in, and dwell in upscale comfort away from home. You can expect a great deal of courtesy and willingness to help. This is so wonderfully refreshing.

It’s not a secret that the right accommodation is the cherry on top of a wonderful stay in one of the world’s most interesting cities. From classic or exquisite rooms to modern suites, enjoy your stay at the InterContinental Tokyo Bay. I’ve been there and it made my Tokyo experience even more worthwhile. Urban sophistication at its finest; a truly “intercontinental” feel in the capital of the land of smiles. Right at the waterfront, this hotel is close to many main attractions.

International Fine Dining

You can feel the throbbing heart of this place as you select from six international fine dining options right at the InterContinental. Traditional Japanese beef can be enjoyed at Tepannyaki Takumi. Expect the finest high-quality meat, prepared right in front of your eyes. Show factor included. Alternatively, head over to Waketokuyama for a contemporary Japanese dining experience that incorporates traditional techniques of the Japanese cuisine.

Furthermore, Chef’s Live Kitchen is a buffet restaurant that is based on the idea of offering colorful, healthy food options from a broad spectrum, serving body and mind equally. Fresh produce and great taste await. If you fancy a mix of à la carte and buffet style dining, don’t miss Italian Dining Zillion. New York cuisine meets Italian staples. For that all-New York feel, the New York Lounge is ideal, offering an elegant interior with a laid-back atmosphere that invites you to dive into beautifully crafted gourmet meals.

Lastly, at Fine Dining La Provence, it’s easy to relax and enjoy healthy foods sourced from and inspired by nature – the French way.

Pause for a little while. A stunning view savored from an all-comfort, sophisticated abode is a treat for the senses. A quiet, elegant and timeless place amidst a thriving, moving city. Feel welcome.

When are you planning to immerse yourself in all that Tokyo has to offer?