Wanderlust – a desire to explore the world, to seek new places, and experience new things. It’s a feeling that is almost indescribable if one hasn’t felt it before. A deep, burning urge to just go, away from home, and see something new. Cultures, people, places, food – all that is connected to the desire to embark on a journey into the world. To wander and with it: wonder.

It’s a simple word, originating in the German language, where “wandern” means “to wander” (or even “hike” – so, moving, of some sorts), and “lust” means “desire”. It’s the desire to wander, to move, to head out into the world and not stay in one spot. Those who have caught the wanderlust bug don’t necessarily care where they are going, as long as they are constantly changing locations.

A Beautiful Mindset to Have

Once the burning feeling of wanderlust has managed to get a grip on you, there is no turning back. It’s irresistible and too sweet not to give in to it. Oh, just think about what comes with it; all the colors of the world, in every respect, are awaiting you. How could you possibly say no?

Blending Moments
Blending Moments – wanderlust is irresistibly shining bright and evoking the desire to go see the world – Los Angeles, USA

Follow the sun, the bright light that is calling your name to set out and follow that strong curiosity, deep down inside, to be in a new environment – until restlessness kicks in again and is gently whispering: “It’s time to go.“ Pack your memories in your suitcase and open your journal to begin the next chapter.

The more we get to experience, the more we want to see, the more we see the world in a new light. We have this planet at our fingertips. Corners of our earth are more accessible than ever. Knowing that, the feeling of wanderlust gets even stronger.

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wanderlusting, for many, comes with the wish to discover the beautiful regions of this planet. But unless we carry the right approach within us, we cannot see the full beauty. Because beauty goes deeper; it’s not always visible on the surface. Hence, as wanderers, we need to appreciate this fact and look closer during our voyage. And true beauty will be shining through in the right moment, illuminating our minds.

Stories to Tell

Traveling is not always glamorous. There can be moments we don’t expect, but, in retrospect, those will make for the best tales to tell for years to come. Our experiences become more positive, however, if we keep an open mindset without any prejudices or even expectations.

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller – Ibn Battuta

The feeling of wanderlust brings us out of hibernation; it pushes us to leave our comfort zones and embrace the unknown. Once wanderlust strikes, daydreaming becomes a constant; planning is on the daily agenda; the feeling of “I’ve been here long enough, time to move on” kicks in. And the rest is history. You have to go, as stories need to be told.

Wandering Changes – Perception & Character

Wanderlust doesn’t necessarily refer to just wanting to go on vacation and spend a couple weeks in a resort. It implies actually immersing ourselves in a culture, embracing life on the go, and seeing the journey itself as fulfilling – not just the destination, which oftentimes might not even be clear yet.

Emirates A380-800
Emirates A380 – seeking faraway places and cultures – Bangkok, Thailand

Wandering not only allows us to expand our horizons. It helps us learn about ourselves, what we like, what we don’t, while soaking in all the new impressions.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes – Marcel Proust

Setting out to explore, to see, to learn, can truly change us and open our eyes. Maybe we don’t thoroughly change as a person, but just add to our repertoire of knowledge. However, this can entail a shift of perspective and thinking.

Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living – Miriam Beard

We don’t always have to hop on an airplane and fly far away, although the feeling of anticipation and excitement is a thrilling one. We can easily wander our surrounding areas and see places anew.

Never stop wondering about what is out there. Whether wanderlust has already been ingrained in your mind, or you have been thinking about expanding your horizons by going on a very personal adventure: Let this warm, tingly feeling that arises in your chest with the thought of going somewhere and not having full control over what will await you, how it will impact and possibly change you, take you by the hand and be your guide.