What inspires, motivates us to reach for our dreams and follow a path that seems purposeful? They say we are “best at what we’re passionate about”. Truth be told. Therefore, knowing the fire burning within us and being able to call it by a certain name is the essence of living a life that matters to us. A life that just makes sense and, in fact, makes us feel alive and truly fulfills us. Turn inward. Listen. And let that passion, whatever it may be for you, be your guide.

Embodying Fierce Energy

Gaze forward, eyes bright and open, letting the fierce energy shine through. Eyes are the mirrors of our souls. Call it passion, the underlying, driving factor creating a special aura around an individual. With a soft smile, determination and confidence in the ability to navigate the road ahead become obvious. But it, in turn, comes with a certain vulnerability as we lay open our “passionate vision” of our life.

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Determination and passion are embodied; a fierce energy exuded – Los Angeles, USA

This almost contagious energy that we radiate is affecting other people. And we come to realize that our personal vibes are even stronger when we surround ourselves with the people who have a positive impact on us, that are like-minded. This energy we use to reach our goals and live our ideal life.

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you – Oprah Winfrey

Once we have found this one passion that motivates us to chase something bigger, our vibes go further than just our personal lives, but also reach our professional being. Shaping who we, deep down inside, really are, a passion for something brings out our authentic selves. This is because this motivating enthusiasm we have is providing the framework for everything we do. It is our heart and soul strung together, expressed by our physical body.

Contagiously Passionate

Those who lead with passion inspire others to follow this particular mindset. They motivate us to chase our individual dreams. It’s about leading by example and encouraging others to light the fire within, no matter what sparks it. This person motivates them to follow through with their dreams, despite other opinions and seeing the joy on the path of personal fulfillment, even if the turns are slightly rocky from time to time. This attitude is contagious, in all the right ways. Spreading this energy of healthy self-love and positive ambition animates others to do just that.

Passion – it’s this excitement to live out what one truly feels, that one truly is. Surrendering to emotions and doing what the heart desires is a large part of it. We might fail, but we get back up on our feet, and we keep working even harder. Why? Because it’s something that gives us life and the feeling as if anything is possible.

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams – Donovan Bailey

This certain vitality and liveliness of our souls that shines through the eyes is an energy not many can withstand. It calls at both people’s hearts and minds.

Living a Full Life

It’s a true skill to follow through with one’s passion and humbly, yet confidently, manage the ride on an oftentimes bumpy and unpredictable road to success and personal growth. Maintaining one’s down-to-earth mentality, yet realizing that some negative judgments are toxic, is the key to a healthy, goal-oriented life. Keeping what one is passionate about in focus is essential.

Why be satisfied with what one has, if it is lacking the enthusiasm? A life led by passion is a full life.

Eyes on the prize while staying humble. It makes us human, it makes us inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and let their passion take the lead. What are you passionate about?

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