You enter a room and your eyes are, all of a sudden, set on this one person. All you can think is: “Wow, what charisma.” We’ve all been in situations like that and can most likely instantly think of at least one or two people that we would refer to as being “charismatic”. But what is it? It almost seems like a phenomenon without a set definition.  

More Than Just the Physical Presence

Charisma – a personal magnetism. It’s that “something special“, which is, all too often, hard to put into words. A certain, almost magical atmosphere that is surrounding a person with charisma is simply drawing us in. It comes with a wow-factor. It makes us admire.

Charismatic characters have the potential to “charm“ people with their aura. There’s this certain spark on their end that is almost galvanizing. Thus, it does something unexplainable to us. Feelings of awe. Alluring.

Charisma is the intangible that makes people want to […] be around you – Roger Dawson

This strong, physical presence people with charisma exude inevitably makes them the center of attention. Naturally. Effortlessly. Going beyond just the physical appearance, which usually comes with a good amount of what others would refer to as attractiveness, charismatic personalities evoke desires in us: the desire to be like them. More than just “the looks”, charisma is a uniquely “glowing” personality perfectly aligned with the physical presence that so magically draws us in.

Aura – an image, a place, that exudes real charisma, as it makes its beholder feel – Death Valley, USA

A Magnetic Nature

Authenticity and a genuine nature pull us in, make us feel good and, hence, be around this person. We are touched, emotionally. Charisma – a mystified aura one possesses; something with such great impact on the people around. It simply is. Their enthusiasm and overall optimistic, uplifting and upbeat vibes are inspiring – hence magnetic to – others.

People who love life have charisma because they fill the room with positive energy – John C. Maxwell

Also, people we perceive as charismatic are genuinely themselves. With it come such a positive outlook on life and exuding optimism and an appealing, inspiring level of self-confidence. Exactly this passes on to others.

Art can be wonderfully charismatic, as well. The way it is done, the thought behind, forming an irresistible, completed work that exudes an atmosphere that simply inspires, calls at our emotions and makes us think.

Charismatic Places Lureing Us In

Charisma – it’s someone who or something that has the ability to make us feel a certain way. Looking at the image, we might agree that this place in its photographic creation is charismatic. It exudes a special aura that embraces us.

The vibrations of energy don’t make it a static image. On the contrary, it lives. There’s character and personality that draw us in. In fact, the natural surrounding is creating this almost mystical energy. The warm lighting, the peaceful scenery, they lift us up on the road to a seemingly different sphere, through the curtain of haziness, where we are spiritually and emotionally elevated.

Places have charisma […] as much as people do – Pico Iyer

A charismatic being or place can trigger our creative juices. There’s a particular power that comes from it, luring us in, triggering our imagination. Just like the image above. The composition and lighting – just as an individual’s personality and physical appearance as a matching, appealing whole – create the desired effect: charisma.

What is charisma for you?

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